We are excited to offer a full range of detailing services. 


           Basic Wash & Vacuum - $49.95 

 We start out by soaking your car using our foam cannon

This traps heavy dirt in the foam allowing it to be rinsed

  away without scratching your paint. We then hand wash

your car to remove anything left behind. We then blow all the water

off and hand dry using a spray wax. We clean all windows and 

vacuum the interior floors 


Deluxe Wash, Wax & Vacuum - $89.95

Includes everything in our Basic package, plus

a machine applied coating of wax,

a more thorough cleaning of the wheel wells, 

tires and wheels cleaned, tire shine applied, and 

a through vacuuming of the whole interior


Basic Full Detail - $149.95

The exterior process is the same as our Deluxe Wash, 

the difference comes to your interior. We start off by vacuuming everything

thoroughly, then clean all fabric/carpet using our professional extractor

we clean all interior panels and coat them with a protectant


Additional Services - Stop by for a quote

Odor Elimination - We utilize activated oxygen technology to remove odors and destroy

airborne contaminants such as bacteria, and viruses

Clay Bar - Using fresh clay blocks and a lubricant we pull contaminants out of your paints surface

Paint Correction - We utilize the latest advances in paint correction to remove surface scratches, 

swirl marks, and surface imperfections


 Coming Soon

Ceramic paint protection packages delivering more gloss and slickness than ever before




All prices are for cars. Up charge for SUVs and trucks